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Hi I’m Amanda!

I love to inspire others to identify their purpose, gifts and passions, as well as help business professionals heal their inner wounds to be more proactive in the workplace. From here, possibilities breathe into a meaningful life filled with experiences that will bring growth and fulfillment.

Through traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs, I drew my inner passion for helping others overcome these obstacles. Originally from Colombia and now living in sunny Florida, I am an avid coffee lover and adventure seeker, passionate about helping people find healing and meaning in life!

What I do...

Improve Culture

I offer workplace counseling sessions to help business owners, employees and executives improve their dynamics and get people moving on your mission.


I do work for communities and companies who want to improve their culture and learn more about the employees' mental health.

Humanize the Workplace

I like to make sure that my clients are not only changing their perspective but also, that they are connecting to places where they can flourish.

Service, group support and accountability are crucial to reach goals and I want to provide my clients information to set them up to success!

Mental health awareness

In humanity we all have a huge responsibility to educate ourselves, to understand what mental health is and to create awareness while using all the different platforms that we have access to now. Let's spread the word and share things that really matter!

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Workplace Counseling can help heal your culture, realize

the full potential of your team and

help you fall in love with your business again.

Find freedom, take control over your organization and life.

What I stand for


Learning to not only overcome obstacles or traumatic experiences in life but also to develop the ability to be empowered, strengthened and motivated by them.


The powerful tool of understanding and being sensitive to other people's reality (from a cognitive, emotional and compassionate point of view). In a world where human interaction is becoming more challenging every day there is an urgent need to connect with others in a more profound and significant level.


Love is the most powerful and effective way to heal, grow and achieve your goals. No matter what area in your life you a trying to improve, when you decide to maintain healthy relationships with God, yourself and others, everything around you is transformed then things start to have a different meaning for you.



"Amanda is caring and very passionate about her work. She is an awesome listener and thoughtful about the recommendations she gives to guide you through whatever you’re battling. Her insight and faith set her apart from others and she’s committed to helping people become the best they can be. No matter if you’re struggling or just need some guidance or encouragement I highly recommend seeking out her council."

Tony Novak

"Amanda was pivotal to my ability to recognize faults in my leadership style. With her help, we were able to address the problems areas that my executive staff has been facing and through a massive-change effort, we will surely transform our culture and hearts for years to come".


Transform your business, transform your life!

Would you like to change your story and make a bigger impact in other people's lives? It all starts with YOU! I would love to empower and support you during this journey. 

Let's break free, we can do it together!

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